Hot or Not? Kojie-san soap and lotion

When I was in the Philippines for a vacation, one of the things that I wanted to do there  was to look for whitening products. I went to the closest mall in our place in the Philippines the day after I arrived. I was like in haven, seeing all these whitening products and I probably bought two or three different kind of soaps which I tested each for about 4days.

Kojiesan website

Product claims:
Kojie.san Skin Lightening Soap is the first kojic acid soap commercially distributed in the Philippine market. Kojic acid is a by-product of rice fermentation. Likewise, it is a natural element found in plants. It is proven effective in inhibiting the formation of melanin on the skin. In order to produce our soaps, we have combined kojic acid and high-grade virgin coconut oil.

Kojie.san Body Lightening Lotion contains the lightening properties of kojic acid, rose hips and natural plant extracts. It moisturizes the skin without the greasy feel and gradually lightens it with regular use. It’s one of the few products in the market that does not contain cancer-causing paraben.

kojie san soap

So I kept on telling my friends that my skin is getting lighter (main reason why I wanted to get a lighter complexion is to lighten my dark spots which I had from having chest-ne and back-ne before)

Like seriously?? most of them have very light skin tone which is weird right? cuz when I was there, it was damn hot! like the sunlight was going to melt my skin or I could get a sunburn if I stayed out for more than 5 minutes(SARCASM).

So out of curiosity I asked what were they using. They told me they use Kojie-san and I actually remembered that soap while I was shopping back then but I didn't pay too much attention to it just because it was kinda cheap, i think 2 bars of soap was around 2 dollars.

Kojie san lotion

I ended up liking it and I also brought 3 bottles of lotion with me

I only use the soap on my body just because I am using *something* on my face right now and I'm seeing how that product will work on my acne and as of this post, I AM IN LOVE WITH THE *THAT SOAP*, I will make a review about it within a month.

Notice the huge black scar 5months ago, it's actually lighter now(still visibile), the first picture was taken outdoors with very bright light so It may look like my skin is lighter


Price paid?
$2.00 (2 pcs. of soap)
$2.50 (lotion)

What's hot about it?
-it did make my acne scars a "little" lighter
-cheap if you buy it from the Philippines, but if you buy it online, you'd probably be charge $10 for 2 soaps IDK
-I now only get few occasional breakouts on my back
-Since I started using it, I never had an acne breakout on my chest
-I feel clean after using it lol

What's not hot about it?
-it can be abit overdrying especially if you don't have a good lotion and/or moisturizer
-the soap that I bought which is the regular one has like orange-ish stain but I'm not sure about the kojie-san dream white soap (a bit pricier than the regular one)
-overall whitening effect of it? I'm not so sure about it because I have been using it for 2months now and while I did see very little improvement on my complexion I don't think this is the best soap for skin whitening/lightening but it does a great job on exfoliating and cleansing your skin.
-the lotion's moisturizing power isn't really that strong (in my case) so you will have to keep on applying this if you really have a dry skin like every 3 hours or so.
-can't really feel that the lotion is helping at all lol, would I repurchase this and the soap? probably not, I just don't want to waste the product so might as well finish em all.

FTC: I bought this product myself. I am not getting paid or compensated for this post. I am not affiliated with this company and this is my honest opinion

Note: What works for me might not work for you and vice versa. This entry is based on my experience only.  We all have different skin types some factors that affects my skin is my lifestyle, diet  and so much more. My skin is normal to dry.


  1. Thanks for making this! I find your reviews very helpful ^_^

  2. You're very welcome! thanks for reading my reviews


  3. Kojie-san soap works for me.. problem is it leaves your skin reaaaally dry. I have to put on tons of lotions for the dryness.

    I'm rooting that you shopped at watson's while you were in pinas.. they have so many beauty products there..

    Btw.. have you been to sephora?

  4. Welcome back Meryl Stryfe! =)

    I have been to sephora just 2 weeks ago and I made a haul post on it, you can view it here:


  5. it's nice. Actually it really works and I've been using it for a week but my question is how about its kojie san cream, is it effective to cure pimples?


  6. hi! I am sorry but I have never tried using the kojie san cream >.<

    If the soap and lotion worked beyond A++++ for me, then I would've bought more products from the line.

    As for the pimples thing, it did fairly.

  7. Hi, would it work on deep hyperpigmentation on the buttocks?

  8. Hi I'm not too sure if it would work on a buttocks with a deep hyperpigmentation but you can try, or you may want to consult a dermatologist if they can do like tca peels or laser treatments on the buttocks or if there are any other option. The skin on our buttocks is kinda harder (idk how to describe) than the face that is why these kinds of soap work better on face and most parts of our body.

  9. Hi, I'm fifteen and I've been using Kojie-San for nearly a month now.
    A lot of people have been saying that after using the soap, they use lotion because it doesn't leave the skin soft.
    I don't know why but it doesn't happen to me. In fact, it makes my skin really, REALLY soft. And I use lotion too, just in case. Any reason why?
    And what I would like to know is if it works on acne for a teenager?

  10. try nyo likas papaya and abonne lotion from Thailand da best

    1. Yes i been using likas since i was 13 years old until now im in my 33 years of age n maintain ko ang kaputian ko always use sunblock lotion its very important thing pg gumagamit k ng pampaputi n sabon

  11. This comment has been removed by the author.


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